So, who is the real Anna Koko*??

I am not perfect but everything I do, I do best I can!

Anna KokoI am also not trying to be better than anyone. I simply take others’ advice to just be myself!

Quick facts about me:

I am…

a dreamer, a tea lover, a mother and a wife.

I am…

happy, optimistic, sensitive and also sensible.

I also am…

complicated (ask my husband!).

I am addicted to…

photography and technology.

I am in love with…

my son, my son and Mademoiselle by Chanel.

I love…

my family, sweets, and life in general.

I respect people and expect the same in return.

I help others without expecting anything in return.

I love people.

People are my main focus. This is why my favorite subjects are children (I love kids!!), families (in general) and weddings. Love, love, love is in the air!

My family has been my biggest earthly inspiration.

God has been my biggest spiritual inspiration.

* My full name is Anna Kokoszka; however, because it is so hard to pronounce (it’s Polish) many people just say “Koko – what??” This is how I became Anna Koko or just Koko and… I like it!

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